It is an commitment to our customers, to protect and safeguard your personal information under the strictest standards of security. Here are our privacy policy.

A) Privacy Policy

We at CARFLEX (hereinafter denominated as “Carflex” or “We”, “Us” recognize the importance of protecting your personally identifiable information. To demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the privacy of your personally identifiable information we receive by means of our clients, users and visitors of our website (hereinafter denominated as “Users” “User”, “You”). Through this privacy policy we specify which is the information we collect, how we use it and how it could be corrected. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you about how we treat and use your personal data, with the proper precautions as the case may require, for the corporate purpose of our business. The geographic scope of this Privacy Policy and the process of information collected through the site covers the whole territory of Mexico. In carrying on the treatment of personal information, Carflex collects the following: 1) The data you provide through voluntary and optional registration available on our website; and 2) The data which Carflex as a tracking and update, collects from time to time, through a survey of web pages on which users enter or have access throughout our website. Except in such cases where it is strictly necessary to provide several services or products you previously request from us, you can be totally sure and trust that Carflex shall not transmit in any way, personal information (as defined in these rules) to third person without your prior written consent.

B) How we get information about your personal data?

Optional Registration: Carflex collects the information you previously provided us when you register through the website or when through the same website, you request information about our services, or when you directly ask us for a special service. Likewise Carflex also uses information about the Users in order to inform them about other products and/or services it offers, both Carflex as well as affiliates, as long as the user has selected the =authorization= option located in several sections of our aforementioned site.

C) Use of the Tracking:

Use of the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses tracking: An IP address is a unique number that is automatically assigned to your computer equipment whenever you are surfing the internet so that your computer can be identified by the main computers, known as “Web servers” that “serve up” Web pages. This allows us to gather useful information and data about our customer´s use of the site. Carflex collects IP addresses in order to help diagnose problems with our main computers with the purpose of administering our systems; report added information to our business partners and audit the use of our website. When users request access to internet pagers from our website, our Web servers record the IP address of the user. Usually we do not link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable to the user, this means that even though the user´s access is recorded, it stays anonymous, i.e., we obtain and/or track the domain name of the source server, the model of computer equipment and the type of browser you use to access our website, so we get that information while your browse our website, however, we only use that information to the aims of our business. We may use, and shall use the IP addresses to identify a particular user, when we believe that such use is necessary to ensure compliance with the Terms of Use of our website or to protect our service, sites, users or other access channels and information.

D) The use of Cookies:

“Cookies” are small amounts of data that a website can send to your web browser and store on your computer. This information is stored in a file folder that is located on the hard disk of the computer of a user. Cookies provide users with exploration activity on the internet, all while retaining information about the most preferred sites of the user. Fact that allows us to properly use the information stored to facilitate the access when you make subsequent visits to our website. Cookies do not disclose personal information of the user to Carflex, unless the user decides so Carflex never record or store in cookies, passwords or credit card information of the user. The use of cookies is a common industry standard cyber fact that you may confirm when you see the major web sites using them. Due that cookies tell us how and when visitors use our website, it also allow us to verify which areas and sections of our websites as the most interest in other sections with less access to users. This practice leads to Carflex to make improvements and updates to our web site bases on several records, such as the total number of visitors and pages viewed. Carflex allows advertiser to place cookies on the computers of those who use our website, however, the use these advertisers give to their own cookies, is subject to their respective guidelines and not to this Carflex Privacy Policy. Our advertisers have no access to Carflex cookies. For more information about our third party advertising server, cookies and how to disable this feature, visit:

E) Who shares Carflex information?

As a general policy Carflex does not disclose nor transfer any personal information which our users send to Carflex, this is with the purpose to care at any time the treatment given to Personal information, unless we have obtained the prior approval of each user to make such transfer or that this latter is carried out in special cases provided for the Federal Law on Personal Data Held by Individuals. The following are some of the circumstances in which the User´s Personal Information may be disclosed.

F) Business Partners & Sponsors:

There are promotions offering opportunities to request additional information from our sponsors. If you are interested in them and request more information, you must give your permission to transfer your Personal Data to our business partners and/or sponsors so they can respond your request. In most cases, the transfer of information is only limited to provide the email of the user. If it is necessary to disclose any other Personal Data, Carflex will give Carflex or the user before the transfer.

G) Third parties & Addition of Data:

When Carflex offered and you agree to receive information material, promotions or offers from third parties, Carflex may transfer (with prior authorization from the User) your personal data, such as your name and email address, mainly, Carflex may transfer information about those sites where Carflex deems necessary for the transfer of personal data is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be breaching the Terms of Use of Carflex or may be causing damage and /or injuries (whether intentional or accidental) in the management and operation of our website or any of the property rights of Carflex.

H) How to control the use of information?

In case you detect any of your Personal Data is not correct, Carflex carry out the procedure required to correct, update or, if requested to do so, delete the Personal Information you have provided. Carflex also offers the opportunity to control the communications we send you. Likewise, Carflex offers according to the provisions of Article 22 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data held by individuals, that in the event where a user wants to update his Personal Data, to correct them, or objects to any of the uses set forth in this Privacy Policy for any reason, The User can make such requests through electronic signature:

I) What happens when you use a link that leads to a third party website?

You should be aware that while you are visiting the Carflex website and / or any of its affiliates, may be using hyperlinks that can be channeled to other websites which are out of our control and our services. These other websites can send their own cookies to users, collect data or request information. Carflex and its affiliates do not control such websites and therefore is not responsible for the content or the hyperlinks or advertising such sites decides to place. The fact that Carflex and / or its affiliates may include hyperlinks to such Web sites does not imply any kind of mutual treatment of the material on such websites or any link with its operators. Our Privacy Policy does not extend to anything that is inherent in the operation of the Internet. Keep in mind that whenever you provide any information via Internet, your Personal Data may go to some people you do not know. Therefore Carflex and its affiliates strive to protect information and privacy of the users, but Carflex cannot guarantee the security of any information you provide via Internet. You provide information via internet at your own risk.

J) Safeguarding Personal Data.-

The safety of our users' personal data is of the utmost importance to us. We provide a careful treatment in order to ensure secure transmission of information from the user´s computer from your computer to our servers. Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee 100% security on personal information that is transmitted over the Internet, notwithstanding the foregoing, Carflex strives at all times to protect our user’s information. Once we receive the transmission of the user, Carflex uses mechanisms to safeguard the confidentiality of user information, such as protection systems and the protocol called "Secure Socket Layers" (SSL). However, it is impossible to guarantee "perfect security" over the Internet.


By using our Website, you state that you agree with this Carflex Privacy Policy. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS POLICY, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. The continuous use of the Carflex sites and /or its affiliates, involves acceptance by you, of this Privacy Policy. For any doubts or concerns about this Privacy Policy, contact us at any time via the contact form available on our website or by electronic signature: